Monday, July 30, 2007

Lots of Pictures

I've just returned from two weeks holidays camping (well, if you call it that, we do use a 19 foot travel trailer with a queen size bed and a bathroom down the hall) outside of Vernon, B.C. Saw lots of family and friends and took a ton of pictures with the new camera. A lot were simply snapshots but I was trying to learn the features of the camera and get back into the specific abilities of an SLR versus a point and shoot.

Some mistakes I made were: changing the ISO for low light situations and forgetting to change it back in bright light settings; switching to aperture or shutter priority for specific shots and then forgetting to change that back to adapt for different situations; just plain failing to make changes to ISO or shutter or aperture to accommodate the shooting situation; and relying too much on the auto focus and ending up with the wrong thing in focus - too common a problem for all of us.

But, all of this is a good learning experience and it is why I took so many shots. Some of the one's I think are better are posted on my Flickr Photo page. Here's one I especially like: