Sunday, April 27, 2008

Another Shot of Nathan

Here's a more "normal" looking picture of my grandson, Nathan. I used that Dave Hill technique on this one, too. I kind of like it.

Lot's more pics were taken during this short little game of T-ball but I need to take the time to work them just a bit.

1/200 sec, f4, ISO 400, 200mm.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Nathan and T-Ball

My wife and I are holidaying in Vernon again because that's where my son and his wife and the grandsons are. On the way through Kelowna on Wednesday, I stopped at Lens and Shutter and picked up the Canon 70-200L f/4 IS lens, the best (and most expensive) lens I've ever owned.

On Thursday I had a chance to try it out at my grandson's T-Ball game. I took a lot of shots and am in the process of developing them but I like this one where Nathan is hamming it up while standing on third base. Usually he can be quite shy and uncooperative when I'm trying to take his picture but this time he decided to act up for the camera. In this shot, I applied an effect that is getting quite popular (and common) that is based on some of the technique made famous by Dave Hill.

Details: f4, 1/160 sec, ISO 400, 70-200 lens at 200 mm.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Too Busy to Post

My apologies to those 4 of you who visit once in awhile for not posting anything here recently. I have had a job change in the mill where I work. An opportunity arose to post back into the Steam Plant using my 3rd Class Power Engineer ticket and I took it. Though it means going on shift it also means a considerable salary increase and more time off during the year due to the 4 on 4 off schedule. This, of course, means more time for photography (yippee).

Because they want to get me trained as quick as possible I have had only two days off since my last post on April 1. But, the extra overtime days should pay for the Epson 3800 I've decided to buy. I haven't ordered yet, but soon. That will be the next fun step in this hobby, printing. I can't wait.

I'll try to have a couple of more pics from my last shoot up soon. Maybe. If I can find some time.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Kitsuksis Creek Dike

My wife and I went for a walk after supper yesterday and I took my camera along and grabbed a few shots. We walked along a walkway around Kitsuskis Creek which is about 3 block from where we live. This is one of the shots I took.