Sunday, November 25, 2007

Reworked Picture

I bit the bullet today and purchased Photoshop CS3. I kind of feel like I've graduated out of kindergarten and moved into 1st grade.

Here's the big thing I like about taking pictures and playing with them in my sandbox, I mean Photoshop. No politics, no arguments, no disagreements like what I seem to experience in too many other areas of my life. (Gee, maybe it's me and not everybody else!)

Anyway, I posted an earlier version of this picture here. I was never quite completely satisfied with it so I just spent some time working it again and came up with what you see here. I used the brand new NIK Color Efex Pro 3.0. My 15 day trial of version 2.0 just ran out yesterday and I checked the site and the new one had just been released so I get another 15 day trial. I like it too much and it's another $300 program so I'd better get with it and start shooting some portraits for money or something.

UPDATE: I just kind of looked at both pictures and I still like the first one better so I better go back to the drawing table on the one above. Lots of fun.