Sunday, March 9, 2008

Weekend Pictures Finally

After talking for several weeks about getting out on the weekend and trying to do a photo a week type project, I finally did it yesterday. Rena (my wife) and I went for a drive and stopped at Cathedral Grove which is about twelve miles out of town. Though we live incredibly close to a major tourist attraction, it has been years since we stopped and walked through this treasure of huge and old Douglas Fir.

I was looking for a shot that was a bit different, not just pictures of big trees, and I actually captured a couple of shots that I am posting here. So, two pictures this week.

This first one is just some branches, full of moss, that kind of resemble a large, bony hand reaching out. The vivid greens are fairly reflective of what it really looks like in our temperate rain forest, at least to my memory, and I added a gaussian glow action to give it a bit more feeling.

The highway actually runs through the middle of the grove and on the other side of the highway we found a road that led us to the west end of Cameron Lake where I took this shot.

I especially like the glassy surface reflecting the clouds and the trees but also allowing some of the stuff underneath to show through. I double (maybe triple) processed this shot to brighten the trees up a bit and keep the rest of the shot looking natural. I also darkened up the reflection of the trees a bit so the junk underneath was a little less obvious. There was also a fisherman in his boat that you can just see on the left side motoring away from me.

All shots were handheld. I hauled the tripod around but didn't use it for the first shot and so I put it back in the car. I could have used it for the second, but it's still okay.