Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The only thing worse than having a picture taken of you when you are totally oblivious to the fact is to have one taken with a dog hunkered down underneath you. I absolutely love this picture. I was busy trying to take a shot across a little pond of the bride and her sister when the groom's son (I think) took this shot of me. Now, you have to understand that I really don't like dogs (or cats even though we currently have three residing in our house) and that's what makes this picture even more delightful. I knew there was a dog running around but I had no idea that he had posed me for this picture with him (or her, who knows? I didn't look that closely.)

But hey, it almost looks like I know what I'm doing, doesn't it.

(By the way, I took way too many pictures squatted down on my haunches. Boy, did I suffer for the next few days.)