Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hope Rest Stop

Lot's has transpired since the last post. Things went well with the new grandson, Lucas and just when it looked like we would bring the other two to our home on Vancouver Island, it sounded like they would be sending Lucas back to the hospital in Vernon, where he was born. So we headed to Vernon instead on Monday with Nathan and Ben. Tuesday, Lucas and his mom flew home while dad drove back.

We stayed until Thursday because my wife had a dentist appointment on Friday. However, she woke up ill and had a tough time traveling. She asked if we could stop at the roadside rest outside of hope for a 15 minute lay down in the back seat. While she slept I walked around a bit without my camera and saw some things I thought might make for a good picture. After 15 minutes I got my camera, told her to sleep for a few more minutes and I took some shots. Because of this we almost missed the 3:00 ferry but we ended up the second last on (after speeding all the way from Hope.

This is an old highway behind the rest stop that is blocked off. A bridge nearby has a 1963 date on it so I'm thinking this may have once been part of the Trans-Canada highway before the current divided highway went in. I converted it to black and white and cropped it to a square format and I kind of like it.