Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Rena's Flower

My wife and I are camping at the Living Forest RV park in Nanaimo, B.C. for a couple of weeks plus. As I have done a bit lately I plan on posting pictures during my holidays. I'll try to post one a day although I don't plan to keep it to a picture taken on that day only.

Today, we went for a walk along the Nanaimo River. I took a number of pictures, mainly to see if I could find anything that would cause me to haul my tripod out in the evening or early morning. I did find lots and plan on rewalking the trail with the tripod. Of course, I didn't sufficiently check my settings and shot everything at ISO 1600. No wonder my shutter speeds were so fast. D'oh! Anyway, this flower turned out not too bad. I've called it Rena's flower because she was impressed by it. There weren't very many of these along the way and they were always alone, not in clusters like daisies. She related to that because of her independent spirit and so this is the first picture posted on our holidays. If I get a chance I'll ask her to write a little addendum to this post explaining what she was thinking.