Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I know that no one visits this site, yet, mainly because I don't post to it. Let's see if I can get to this a bit more regularly with pictures.

I recently purchased Topaz Lab's Adjust and DeNoise filters and have been playing with them quite a bit. The Adjust filter is especially fun and it can take a blah photo and give it some oomph.

This picture was taken on March 16th while waiting for the ferry in Horseshoe Bay. I applied the filter to make the colors pop and give it what I call a simulated HDR (high dynamic range) look.

I also belong to NAPP and they just included a Watermark feature for use with Photoshop CS4's new configurator feature that makes it easy to add the copyright watermark and resize the photo for web use. That should make it easier to post pictures here and on Facebook.

That's it for today. I'm going to try to post on a more regular basis and I have lots of pictures I've been working on with this filter that I can throw up. Maybe I can start to share a bit of what I've learned about photography the last little while.