Friday, July 26, 2013

Mom and Child

On our way back home from the trailer the other day, my wife and I stopped to check out the sand sculpting exhibition at Parksville, B.C. beach. Of course, I took the X100s with me in the hopes of getting some people shots as well as some of the sandsculpting displays. I noticed a mother and her child walking, although the little girl liked to spend more time lying down it seems. Here are three pictures of the sequence I grabbed. I think it makes a nice, quick little story. In the second one, she had looked up and then said "sorry" because she thought she was in the way of the picture. I've been reading quite a bit about street photography techniques and one is this very thing, act like a tourist and make like you focusing on something further away.

Those of you who may think this is "creeping", be aware that there is a long history of this type of photography and I hope to do more of it as time goes by. Looking forward to walking around Victoria or Vernon or even my streets when I get the chance.