Thursday, July 18, 2013

Replacement X100s

The replacement Fuji X100s showed up yesterday. Fantastic service from The Camera Store in Calgary. I've seldom had to return anything I've ordered online and they made the experience far more bearable than I expected. Nothing more disappointing than waiting for a product for almost and month and then have it fail after six day. Here's hoping the new one is problem free.

Had it out this morning with the two grandchildren who live in town and had some decent results with it. I had to tweak a couple in ACR because I'm still learning how the camera works with exposure compensation and underexposed a couple of shots by a bit. I also cropped them to 8x10 format. I love the Velvia mode for color shots. I like vivid, saturated colors and this does a nice job. Funny, I never used Fuji film much back in the film days and now I'm kind of wondering why not. I don't think I like the softer negative mode much and will probably make a change to that custom setting. But I love, love, love the black and white with yellow filter mode. Just very nice so far.

Still lots of experimenting to do. Looking forward to the camera lasting more than six days.

Here are a couple of black and whites I especially liked. And, in case you don't know the specs on this camera, it is a fixed 23mm lens which, with the crop factor, renders an equivalent field of view of 35mm.

Ryann: ISO 200, f 2.0, 1/1000 sec.

Seth: ISO 400, f 8. 1/420 sec.