Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Log Yard

One last shot from the car on the way back from Salmon Arm to Vernon.

Something like this is close to home for me since I also make my living from BC's forest industry. I work as a Power Engineer in the Catalyst Papermill in Port Alberni on Vancouver Island.

The forest industry is a bit of a slump these days, especially paper but also many sawmills. This one certainly looks like it has a good supply of logs and hopefully is providing some good employment for the people of the area.

I used pretty much the same techniques as I have for the other pictures in this series. Shot at f4, 1/400 sec and ISO100 with the lens at 70 mm.

Now I need to find some other pictures in my library to post and then I'd better get out shooting again to provide some new material.

Note, too that I chose not to participate in April Fool's day since I haven't prepared a shot of any kind that would be suitable. Maybe next year if I can continue with this blog that long.