Tuesday, April 21, 2009


There are two significant things about this shot. The first (and most obvious) is that I'm not a flower shooter so this is the best it gets. The second is that these are the first daffodils we have ever had in our yard in over 32 years of marriage. This past fall, in an effort to make our back yard look better, we set aside a spot for a flower garden. My wife planted a bunch of bulbs and she was happy to see them come up. I have been tardy in getting out with the camera so I missed the crocuses, but these will do and the hyacinth I'll post tomorrow.

The sun was not getting to these flowers since it was late afternoon and the sun was behind the fence in the background so I grabbed my 5 in 1 reflector and used the gold side to reflect some sun into the flowers. This helped pop them out from the background a bit. My wife held the reflector overhead to catch the sun and send it back to the flowers.

Specs: Canon 30D, 70-200 lens @ 111 mm, 1/125 @ f8, ISO 100.