Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Stamp Falls

Stamp Falls is a small, but intense waterfall near where I live. The view in this picture shows the fast moving rapids just before the fall. It is intense enough that there is a set of fish ladders to enable the spawning salmon to get up the falls a bit easier.

Now, of course, I have applied the Topaz filters here to get a simulated HDR effect that is all the rage right now. The interesting thing to me is that the saturation aspect of the filter picked up some color that must be reflecting into the water that appeared pretty much solid white in the original. I was a little blown away when I saw it.

This shot was taken on July 3, 2007 not that long after I purchased my digital SLR. I used the 17-85 lens that I purchased with the camera. The other specs: f22, 1/4 sec, ISO 100, lens at 28 mm. I don't believe I used a tripod but I was stretched out on a rock with the camera stabilized on the rock.