Thursday, April 23, 2009


While lost in the desert and almost dead of thirst I stumbled across this victim and managed to take a shot......

Actually, this was taken at O'Keefe Ranch just outside of Vernon, B.C. in July 2007. This display was indoors and behind glass but the benefits of shooting raw allowed me to just shoot and worry about white balance later.

Of course, I didn't know much about any of that at the time (I know a little bit more now, but still fairly new at this game). The great thing about trying to post a picture a day is going back to pictures that I've done little with because I didn't get into Photoshop much until later on in the year.

I took a lot of pictures at this historic ranch and will be posting a few over the next several days.

Specs: Canon 30D, 17-85 lens @ 38 mm, 1/10 sec @ f5, ISO 1600.